Homegrown mushrooms

Wow!! I bought a mushroom growing kit from Wylie Mycologicals, a mycological facility a few hours out of Toronto.

I didn’t have a mister so I kept them sitting on top of a moist towel in the top shelf of my closet. They grew to full size within a week.

The only problem is that the mushrooms were ready before I was. So they grew for longer than they should have. Oyster mushrooms get a bit acrid tasting if they mature too much. I think this happened.

Growing your own food is hard. Especially when you’re used to eating what you want, when you want it.

I was growing herbs as well and boy was that difficult. First of all, there is so little light in the middle of the city. Secondly, I had a mealy bug infestation. This was nearly impossible to manage and I insisted on not using pesticides. I ended up pruning the plants down to a couple cm out of the earth hoping to starve the bugs. New plants have come up since then and they seem healthy.

Anyway I don’t understand how we could feed the earth’s population without pesticides. I’ll have  to look into this further.


~ by ishadatar on November 10, 2010.

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