Unlimited Magazine covers in-vitro meat

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Cool Edmonton-based magazine (I really like their “look”):

unlimited is an online business and work culture magazine for readers in their 20s and 30s, people who want balance and fulfillment and meaning in their working lives, people who probably won’t work the same nine-to-five job for 45 years, then retire. unlimited informs, entertains and inspires through engaging storytelling and photography.

They did a piece on in-vitro meat and knew who to talk to after Pecha Kucha 8. Enjoy!


Canadian Organic Growers Conference and Review

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There was a great organic foods conference over the weekend in Toronto. Here is my review of the program.

Lots of great speakers; I encourage anyone interested in responsible, ethical eating to attend next year.

Homegrown mushrooms

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Wow!! I bought a mushroom growing kit from Wylie Mycologicals, a mycological facility a few hours out of Toronto.

I didn’t have a mister so I kept them sitting on top of a moist towel in the top shelf of my closet. They grew to full size within a week.

The only problem is that the mushrooms were ready before I was. So they grew for longer than they should have. Oyster mushrooms get a bit acrid tasting if they mature too much. I think this happened.

Growing your own food is hard. Especially when you’re used to eating what you want, when you want it.

I was growing herbs as well and boy was that difficult. First of all, there is so little light in the middle of the city. Secondly, I had a mealy bug infestation. This was nearly impossible to manage and I insisted on not using pesticides. I ended up pruning the plants down to a couple cm out of the earth hoping to starve the bugs. New plants have come up since then and they seem healthy.

Anyway I don’t understand how we could feed the earth’s population without pesticides. I’ll have  to look into this further.

Pecha Kucha Ottawa @ Arts Court

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Thanks to Pecha Kucha Ottawa for allowing me to do a repeat performance of “Democratizing Agribiotechnology.” The audience was wonderfully receptive, and the networking opportunity was well-worth the five-hour bus ride from Toronto. I was encouraged to contact Dr. Jefferson directly and I think I’ll do so in the near future.

It was very apparent that Pecha Kucha Night is very different from city to city. Ottawa seems to encourage a tight-knit community and cosy space, with free admission. Edmonton was ten dollars in as big a space as could be filled! Maybe it’s a reflection of the attitudes of the city. Interesting.

“Democratizing Agribiotechnology” @ PKN8 Edmonton

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Pecha Kucha Edmonton vol. 8 was a wonderful event with the spontaneous and unplanned themes of agriculture and city planning.

I had the special opportunity to speak about and share my ideas on open-sourcing biotechnology with an audience of about 500 people.

Appropriately held in the new CCIS (Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences) Building on U of A campus as part of the kick-off to U of A Alumni Weekend, the event brought out an amazingly diverse crowd and was a wondrous networking opportunity. The event also had a big live twitter community, with #pkn8 trending in Canada.

There is a good review of PKN8 at this fellow Edmontonian’s blog and a little article in Metro Edmonton about the event as well. Pictures available here.

“Democratizing Agribiotechnology” @ Pecha Kucha Edmonton 8 – slideshow

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Here are the slides for PKN8 Edmonton for those who are interested.

Quoted in Hebrew…In vitro meat in Israel’s “Calcalist”

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Asaf Gilad, high tech writer for Israel’s Calcalist wrote an article on in vitro meat which was published today. I’d love to read it but it’s in Hebrew… and I’m sure the Google Translation doesn’t do it much justice…